Emmie writes fantasy and its subgenres. She has a soft spot for hard, gritty tales peppered with quirk and dreams of one day running off into one of her stories. After a failed venture into comic book work (age 5), Emmie turned to prose and fell flux capacitor and magic wand for the science fiction and fantasy variety. Keep an eye out for publishing news.


From the NES to the Xbox 360 (and soon to be next-gen consoles) and from Chinese checkers to tabletop RPGs, Emmie is a game lover from character build to the post-campaign. She favors fantasy RPGs with heaping moral gray areas and table games that make your sides hurt from laughter.


With the stamps from over 15 countries in her passport, Emmie has an affinity for travel and is ready to add at least another 30 more. Want to discuss the comparative merits of Polish versus Ukrainian borscht (orĀ barszcz, as it were)? Got a hankering for single malt whisky? She’s your girl.


A perpetual daydreamer, Emmie’s often gallivanting through other worlds while her feet take her through this one. She welcomes dreamscape engineers and closet ninjas alike. Come chat about what doesn’t exist and should.

Founder of Searching for SuperWomen

How to combine a love of all things geek with a passion for addressing the underrepresentation of women in the geek worlds? Easy. Create a website for geeks, by geeks that’s both a hub to discuss the things we love while turning an eye to issues of equality and diversity within.

Check out Searching for SuperWomen and see for yourself.

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Gratuitous Critter Pics.

Buffy, Willow, and Tara want to hang out with you. All these babies grew up quick, but here they’re preserved as the baby polar bear, tiger, and lion they really are.

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You’re a trooper. Welcome to the website, Super-Scroller. Hope you find something you like here. If nothing else, gratuitous puppy and kitten pictures. Because duh.

Want to Know More About Emmie?

If you’re more impressed by words than flashy animation, come check out the blog, read some flash fiction, and keep an eye out for publishing news. Or come say howdy on Twitter or Facebook. You won’t get bitten. Promise.

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