A Unique Opportunity

Hello, gentle viewers!

Today is a very exciting day. Not only am I sending my first query letters for Shrike, but last night my first article was published by National Collective!

National Collective is an organisation of creatives: writers, architects, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and more.

You can read my article here.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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13 thoughts on “A Unique Opportunity”

    1. Hahahaha, thanks! I’ve sent out four queries today. I’m going to try and send out another five or six and then force myself to watch television. Or start work on my new project.

    2. Hahahahaha. Please do. Maybe I can include that in my credits paragraph in my query. “5000 people signed the petition to get Shrike representation. They all promised to buy it.”


  1. Congrats, Emmie. I’ve read your article, it’s jolly good, and it inspired me to write something. Well done! Best of luck for you, Emmie!


    1. Thank you, Pedro! I appreciate it! I’d love to read what you write whenever you get around to it, and I’m glad reading my article inspired you!

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