back, back…back from a magical journeeeeey

In a manner of speaking.

Clearly, I’ve not been writing much.  What I have been writing is in the form of nonsense or journaling that I don’t care to share with the general populace of dubious existence (see previous post).  I suppose I would get more views if I would dare update this poor, neglected soul of a blog more than semi-annually, but you can’t have everything.

My day job has metamorphosed into something that will actually give me vacations:  teaching.  So this Christmas, when I get a glorious two weeks (actually 17 days) off, I am going to attempt to write.  Frightening, I know.  My real time to buckle down will be next summer, when I have two whole months straight to myself.  My goal for next summer is to get Primeval in second draft form and start agent shopping (read:  begging).

Suffice it to say that Emmie Mears is hoping to be back in business soon.

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