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Books I Like and Shit

I’m bad at leaving reviews. When I read on my Kindle, typing on it makes me want to scream. When I’m reading Luddite-style (new book smell FOR LIFE), it obviously doesn’t prompt me to leave one, so I go do other things like work 60 hour weeks and come home and write and feed my cats and pass out and hope they don’t eat me.

SO. Here are some books I have read lately that I have loved. Like…dived-in-and-never-wanna-leave loved. Books that made me FEEL A THING. Books that made me want to go eat ghosts or go to creepy amusement parks or pull a badass magic knife from my chest or fall in love with a space ship or any number of other really freaking cool things.

These people write some damn good books. I’m also really excited that I like…know most of these people on some level. They make me want to write better books because their books are so good and they are cool and smart and snappy dressers.




This book is amazing. It’s about a woman who has fixed ships her whole life but never gotten to fly on one into space. And then she does! And she has adventures in space and the ship is a living character, and she is awesome and there are stars and galaxies and the silent void of the universe and love and death and wonder. Go buuuuuuuuy it.


I LIKE THIS BOOK. I WANT TO KEEP IT FOREVER. This book has grossness and ooey gooey awesomeness and blood and lots and lots of dead stuff and ghosts and magic and MORAL AMBIGUITY and all of these things I love and I want to hug it. You can hug it too.


*rubs hands together* Speaking of ooey gooey awesomeness, have you heard the good news about Alis Franklin’s LIESMITH? Because I am here to share the gospel, or possibly squirt you with a squirt bottle until you go buy it. LOKI. NORSE MYTHOLOGY. NUANCED SEXUALITY. SO MUCH BADASSERY. Do you need more reasons to go buy this? ALL THE GEEKERY! GAMING! TECH! CARS THAT WILL MAKE YOU WISH THE IMPALA FROM SUPERNATURAL COULD MOVE ON ITS OWN AND THINK!


*licks chops* AHEM. This book has demons and creepy amusement parks and if I don’t have you there, it’s also got AMBIANCE. I read this book and steeped in it. It is delicious. I wanted to gather up all the words and name them mine. But they’re not mine, they’re Delilah’s, and she did a badass job. You can own the package they come in, too! Psychological. Twisty. TwistED. Awesome.


Open this book, and a whole world will spring up around you. Sensational magic, this book has it. I Oliver Twisted my way through this book, and I may or may not have tried to smush my face into its pages to see if it would let me in. (Fail. Also don’t try that on the metro.) GODS! I mean, in the book gods! GARGOYLES! SKELETONS WITH MAGIC. And….and…… so the climax to this book was so fucking perfectly wrought. Just…just….link, okay?

These books are all amazeballs, and I’m not just saying that because I like the people who wrote them. They art good. Now scram. Go buy yourself some stories. Oh, and hey! Four out of five of them have non-white protagonists, 40% have protagonists who are not straight, and there is also body diversity, protagonists protagonisting while having disabilities, and badass, complex women abound. 100% of these books are just bloody awesome. Huzzah!

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Author | Emmie Comments | Comments Off on Books I Like and Shit Date | March 14, 2015
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