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Ayala Storme Series

She will give them hell. 


Available in ebook, print, and audio!


Ayala Storme is a Mediator, raised from birth to fight the hellkin that spill over into her world and defend four species of humanity with the blade of her sword. The lines are drawn. Her job is certain -- PR representative by day, demon killer by night. She works alone, and she gets both her jobs done. But when a new player muddies the line between humanity and hellkin and Ayala is at the center of a new world in its brutal birth-pangs, she is the only Mediator alive who can keep hell from coming to Earth for good.

Book 1

Available in ebook and trade paperback: Amazon and Barnes and Noble! For a total list of retailers, click here.

Add it on GoodreadsSnag the audiobook from Audible, narrated by the fabulous Amber Benson!

Book 2

ANY PORT IN A STORM is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! Full list of retailers hereGet the audiobook from Audible (narrated by Amber Benson!)!

Book 3

TAKEN BY STORM is now available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats! Full list of retailers here!

Book 4

EYE OF THE STORM is available now in ebook, trade paperback, and audiobook format! Full list of retailers here. Add it on Goodreads!

Audiobooks your thing? Check out the fantastically narrated audio editions of the Ayala Storme series from Audible, brought to life by author, actor, director, and resident badass Amber Benson. Listen to excerpts below, and scroll to learn more about Amber!


About the narrator:

Since I (Emmie) am writing this (sorry, Amber), I'll go with what I know. Amber is awesome. She's probably best known for playing Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which to this day is one of my favourite worlds to revisit. As amazing as being a fancy actor-pants is, though, Amber has pretty much done every artsy fartsy thing under the sun. She writes. She directs. She produces. She sings. Check out her Witches of Echo Park novels (YEAH WITCHES!) and support her new directorial endeavour, Shevenge! She has also narrated books for resident SF badass John Scalzi. On top of being a full on Renaissance human, Amber is all-round a stellar person and one of the nicest folks you'll ever meet. Being from Alabama, she was a natural for nailing Ayala's Southern accent and dry humour. In conclusion, I'm a very fortunate author to have Amber in my corner. GO FORTH AND SNAG THE AUDIOBOOKS. AND EVERYTHING SHE HAS EVER MADE.



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taken by storm, ayala storme, emmie mears




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