Breaking Dawn Part 2: Yep. I Saw It

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
Like this, but the second bit. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Twilight is one of those things that I sort of hate to love. I devoured the books when I first read them. I even went to Borders at midnight to get Breaking Dawn when it came out and accidentally won a costume contest without dressing up. (I have flaming red hair, and I happened to be wearing all black — I won as Victoria. Because people made me go up there.)

After I read the books, I found myself wondering why I enjoyed them when Bella was not a great character, Edward was creepy and controlling and stalker-like (Dear Tweens, men sneaking in your room to watch you sleep is neither sexy nor romantic.), and the writing didn’t floor me. But still, I read them all. And I’ve seen each of the movies. Here’s where I make a confession: I guess this makes me a Twihard.

And after today’s experience with Breaking Dawn Part II, you know what? I’ll take it. Arrrgh, the remainder of this here blog entry be containin’ spoilers fur the duration, arrrrrrgh. Ye’ve been warned.

What I wanted more than anything to see was a badass Bella. I wanted to see her kicking ass and not taking any shit anymore. She did that and more. And after four films of Kristen Stewart being less than animated, I thought she killed it in this final installment.

I’ll admit, I was surprised. I was surprised to find that I had affection for Edward and Bella in this one. I was surprised that I actually bought them as parents (though admittedly, baby Renesmee was creeeeeeeepy). In fact, I thought that aside from Bella jumping off cliffs and smushing boulders and ripping off Volturi heads and throwing Jacobs around, her parenting moments with Renesme were some of her stronger scenes.

I didn’t loathe Jacob. I thought they handled the massive increase in cast very well, and the big fight scene? It did everything it was supposed to do. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS BELOW. (Yes, I’m warning you again.)

When Carlisle’s head got ripped off, I almost flipped. And when Jasper — GUH. Alice was, as always, an absolutely tremendous fighter, and seeing her chase and kill Jane was pretty phenomenal. Edward and Bella working as a team to kill Aro? Even better. Man, they killed a lot of people in that scene. If it hadn’t been revealed to be Alice’s future vision, I would have left the theater wrecked.

As it was, they did a great job of making a pretty anticlimactic book into a climactic, over the top movie.

Bella finally came into her own, which is what was intended. Bummer it took her becoming a vampire to make her a strong character, but seeing her be a vampire, seeing her with Charlie, seeing her with Renesmee, and even seeing her with Edward — all made me actually have some serious feels this time. For the first time in five movies, I bought and invested in the love relationship between Bella and Edward. Mostly because he saw her flourish and reveled in it.

Plus, seeing her arm-wrestle Emmett and beat up a rock was just plain amusing.

Speaking of amusing, any scene with Charlie. Any at all. Billy Burke wins Twilight, in my humble opinion.

All in all, I was sort of blown away. I found the other films to be simply meh, but the cinematography (opening credits, hello) was gorgeous, and I found myself transported to what I felt the Twilight Saga should be. Strong women abounded, Edward acted admirably, and Bella got to be a pretty glorious protector.

So there’s that.

Other Fun Notes:

1. There is FINALLY A BUDDY COP MOVIE WITH FEMALE LEADS! The Heat, coming out erm…soonish, features Sandra Bullock and the indomitable Melissa McCarthy in what looks to be an absolute romp of hilarity from the makers of Bridesmaids. Bridesmaids gave us a bromance for women, and now there’s a buddy cop movie. And a female-centric Expendables, if we’re to believe the rumours. I. Am. So. Excited. And judging by the surprised, thrilled oohs I heard from the audience, someone finally realised that films for women can be like films for men — there’s an audience, and we want to see it. YEAH BUDDY.

2. Les Miserables with Annie Hathaway — the trailer had me in tears within three seconds of Anne singing “I Dreamed a Dream.” I cannot wait to see this in theaters.

3. Gerard Butler‘s in a new rom-com with Jessica Biel that looks funny, though I can’t remember the name of it. Also, there is a teensy tiny chance that I may be attending an event in the spring erm…near Gerard Butler and get to meet him. Which would be…insane. I’ve loved him since Dear Frankie and The Phantom of the Opera. I’ll be crossing my fingers till April.


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16 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn Part 2: Yep. I Saw It”

    1. HEY. I put a spoiler warning at the beginning of the post saying there would be spoilers throughout the duration, and wrote SPOILER SPOILER SPOILERS BELOW when I got down to that part!

      I totally covered the spoiler warnings. 😛

        1. After the short intro about how I hate to love Twilight, I put my normal pirate spoiler warning in italics…and before talking about any deaths, I wrote in all caps and repeated the spoiler warning.

          1. Sorry, I must have been in a hurry when I read it earlier or something. Somehow I missed BOTH of them… Maybe 20 pt in NEON green! Haha!

      1. Okay, I see the middle one now, but I still don’t see the one at the top. LOL. I see where you said (I am warning you again…) I must be more tired than I thought. o.O

  1. I haven’t seen the movies apart from Twilight and BD pt. 1, the former because a friend made me and the latter because I was on a road trip & that was the only movie that people wanted to watch.
    I LOVED the books (I don’t know why either), and because of that, when I first saw the Twilight trailer, I immediately said “Nope. Not gonna happen. Not gonna watch it.” because it couldn’t be as good as in my head, right?
    Btw, I actually pre-ordered BD, and I was out of the country when it was delivered at my house and I was DYING from anticipation. When I got home at 1 a.m., my family was all “Go to sleep, it’ll still be there in the morning!” and I was all “Sure, mom! [gets flashlight out & reads 1/3 of the book in one sitting]”

  2. Lol at you winning the costume contest. I loved Bella being kick ass. I saw this last night with my sisters, and my sis, Lucy, actually gripped my arm when Carlisle was beheaded. We were outraged and in disbelief 🙂 Charlie – “six inches! I love Billy Burke and he brought Charlie to life.
    As the credits rolled, I felt weepy. As sad as it may sound, Twilight has been a big part of my life for the past four + years. I’m sad it’s all over.

  3. so…
    i won’t recount the Saga Of Me Reading the Twilight Series [short version: it cost me over $150. i kept throwing them and breaking them and… and yet. i KEPT READING]


    if you are ever in the mood for this same story, but in a GOOD way [exactly 1 change: Bella becomes Not Stupid] that is so incredibly fantabulious that i’ve re-read it like a dozen times – a fan fic named “Luminous”

    i’m not generally a fan of fan-fic [i know, i know – i suck] but DEAR GODS this was beautiful! and so was the sequel

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