hello, everyone.  i see you don’t exist, and are probably figments of my imagination.  just kidding.

if you do exist, you may wonder what on earth has been happening to keep me so very far away from posting, and i really don’t have a suitable answer.  well, i sort of do, i suppose.  pick one or more of the following.

  • my impending move that’s right, kiddies.  i’m off again into the east.  i hope to find my creative haven, my center of muses, and possibly some sanity.
  • my propensity to blog elsewhere i have been writing a lot recently, just not here.  mainly because i’ve been writing non-fiction, and my recent blogs have been of the meandering persuasion, which you can find here if you so desire.
  • my laziness really quite a bothersome sort of hindrance.
  • my personal dislike of what i have so far it’s very much a problem when i read back over something and want to put my head through a wall.  i’m disgusted with myself.

you’re welcome to be outraged at any or all of the above, but seeing as how your very existence is dubious at best, you’re not really one to judge, are you?  i didn’t think so.

i do rather hope to go back to writing elemental in large chunks of pages within the next few weeks.  part of the issue is that i am attempting to move my little emmie self another 600ish miles to the east of here, and while a lack of motivation to write fiction at the moment may be considered a character flaw right now, it’s one i’m disinclined to spend much time fixing for the present.  know simply that i will indeed rectify the situation as soon as possible.  it’ll just have to wait until my cold clears up, my car’s cold clears up (she’s going to the doctor monday), work settles down (or stops entirely, as it is wont to do in less than three weeks when i move), and possibly until i am ensconced into the lovely realm of washington dc.

i will of course keep you updated, as talking to myself has become quite an entertaining past time.  cheerio!

(in case you were wondering — no, i was not affecting an english accent throughout this blog.)

(although if you would like to, you’re welcome to read it in one.)

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