Cover Reveal for LOOK TO THE SUN!

Oh my dog, you lot. I am so excited to be writing this post.

This book is something special to me. Each book I write contains parts of me, but this one took that to a new level (as is the other book I’m working on now). I think that’s good. It means I’m stretching myself.

That old Hemingway quote, “Writing is easy, you just sit down at your typewriter and bleed?”

Never has that been more true for me than with these two books, LOOK TO THE SUN and the WIP up next. The tagline on the cover of LOOK TO THE SUN says “Some stories are written in blood,” even. And that’s got a multitude of layers to what it means, for me and within the book itself.

This book is about a lot of things. It’s about fear destroying love. It’s about the poisonous power of internalised oppression. It’s about family. It’s about risk. It’s about how trust is a choice.

LOOK TO THE SUN is a gothic second world love story that I like describing as Les Miserables meets Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s Shadow of the Wind. Set in Sanmarian, Kael, the cityscape is an anachronistic lovechild between Old World Spain and Poland, with technology around that of our world’s 1940s. The city is made of pink-orange sandstone, rounded edges and towers and crackling radios and cars that start with buttons and heat that comes from steam pipes.

I really loved writing this book, in every way. I fell in love with Rose and Beo and Emon, and I hope you will too.

Without further prattling, here is the phenomenal cover, designed by Blue Harvest Creative.

Preorder here!


Look_To_The_Sun_E_Mears_FC_Web (1)

And because this book will also be out in audiobook from Audible (and narrated again by Amber Benson!), here is the audiobook cover too!

Look_to_the_Sun_E_Mears_Audio_ACX (1)


The National People’s Voice speaks for Sanmarian and all of Kael.

For fifteen years, they have ruled Kael in relative peace.

For fifteen years, they have quietly snuffed out dissent wherever they found it.

Rose Abernethy and Beo Mataya are two strangers drawn together by one thing alone: Red Sunrise, a book no-one else seems to have read. A book only two types of people ever ask about — collectors…and the NPV. A book both Rose and Beo feel was written just for them.

As winter falls in Sanmarian’s cobbled streets and the fifteen years of seeming calm seethe into violent protests in the city square, Red Sunrise’s secrets pull Rose and Beo into the twisted mysteries of Sanmarian’s past and into the centre of a forgotten tragedy that inked itself into the city’s very blood.

The eBook version is available to preorder now! It comes out 15 November (three days before my birthday!), and I cannot wait to share this book with you. 

Tell me what you think of the covers!

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(For anyone who noticed, the cover will be amended to remove the second “are” 😉 )

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9 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for LOOK TO THE SUN!”

    1. Oh WOW. No, that’s not supposed to be there. I must have gotten a wrong draft. I’ll get it fixed.

    2. It’s fixed! Thank you! That got through about twenty-odd people scritinising it without catching that. Human eyeballs are strange things.

  1. Hi Emmie loving the look of the cover for Look to the Sun,very eye catching. Love the fact your books contain a lot of you in them. Experiencs in life make us who we are. Past, present and future and that comes across beautifully in the way you write. Your characters and environment always feel believable and for me, once you have drawn me into your world, I can’t wait to see the characters develop as the story unfolds before me. Hopefully I have managed to get across what awesome author I think you are without sounding completely weird. Although maybe I am in my own strange little world eek!

  2. I love the cover! The double ‘are’ did catch my eye – funny how they do – but so did the title. Is it available for pre-order?

    1. It is! There’s a link there, but also here:

      I’m very embarrassed about the typo. Sent an email to my designer, hoping to get it fixed. Showed a bunch of people before today and nooooobody noticed sooner. Gah.

        1. I didn’t see the typo either. I’ll adjust this to make the preorder stuff uh…more see-able.

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