Kristin McFarland, George RR Martin, Emmie Mears

Emmie Capclave 3.0

Oh, hello there, gentle viewers. It’s that time of year. The time where SFF fans and writers descend on a wee Hilton in Gaithersburg, MD for a gathering of minds and words and no little amounts of booze.

Capclave! IT IS TIME.

My first Capclave, John Scalzi photobombed a picture of a tiny ketchup.

At the second, Kristin and I met THE GRRM. He is just as beardly and GRRMly in person, in case you’re wondering.

Kristin McFarland, George RR Martin, Emmie Mears
Me, Kristin, and ERMAHGRRM.

This year, WHO KNOWS WHAT COULD HAPPEN. Tonight at work I waited on the convention organising staff and the guests of honour (Genevieve Valentine, Holly Black, and Paolo Bacigalupi), so already there’s a wee tinge of the surreal to this particular Capclave. I mean, worlds collided. They are all very kind and friendly folk. I think it might have been my shortest dinner shift ever.


If you are going to be in the vicinity (or even at Capclave, dare I say?), here’s where to find me for the weekend:


8 PM: No Means No: a panel on harassment how we can combat it. Rockville-Potomac (Capclave, by the way, has a very good harassment policy in effect.)


10 AM: Alternative Sexualities in SF/F: this panel is what it sounds like. Bethesda

6:30 PM: Reading of THE MASKED SONGBIRD: this is ALSO EXACTLY WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. Me. Reading. Mah book. In public. To at least one person. Boardroom

10 PM: A Whiter Shade of Pale: white people basically dominate SF/F, and that’s silly cos the world is diverse. Bethesda


12 PM: Can a Small Town Elf Make it in the Big City? OHAI, urban fantasy. Where are you going, and what’s going on with you? Rockville-Potomac

1 PM: Nonbinary Gender in SF/F: again, what it sounds like. Bethesda

3 PM: When Did Fangirl Become a Dirty Word? Rockville-Potomac

PHEW. So there’s me, all weekend. Doin’ mah thang. Come hang out!

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