Emmie Vlog #2: Cat Butts! Zombie Dreams! Emma Watson!

(Note: Emma Watson is NOT in my apartment.)


So answer mah questions, people. I long to hear from you. I miss you. *sniffles*

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4 thoughts on “Emmie Vlog #2: Cat Butts! Zombie Dreams! Emma Watson!”

  1. Your cat is awesome 🙂

    I was just thinking. Now that fast zombies have broken through the glass ceiling once maintained by the classic slow zombie, I think the market is primed for something even more terrifying–the dreaded bicycle zombie. Because there are bicycles designed for rugged terrain, survivors would be hard-pressed to find a place remote enough to establish an enclave where they can later argue and backstab each other until the zombies accidentally get inside and eat them all.

    Bicycle zombies would, of course, be wearing helmets because safety.

    I’ll be looking forward to some bicycle zombie flash fiction 😉

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