long time coming

it’s as if winter gelled my motivations around me until i was slogging through stickiness.  unable to write.  unable to create, only to relate what went on in my mind and my thoughts.  distractions.  apathy.

and not a little bit of discouragement.  i’m not sure what it was exactly, and i didn’t recognize it for what it was until only a few days ago.  suffice it to say that i think i’m back.  or at least i’m nearing the part where i will be back, and able to write again.  anna’s story still needs telling.  there is a lot to be said.  she’s starting to whisper to me again, and that’s always a good sign.  when she starts yelling, i won’t be able to pry my fingers off the keyboard.

so, don’t worry.  i will be back.  and soon.  till then, adieu.

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