Ayala Storme Prepares for the Re-Stormening!



It’s been quiet around these parts. I’ve been incubating stuff. New books, short stories (move your butt over to Patreon if you want to catch up with lots of fiction!), cats, mawwaige (evidence below), and a big impending move to Scotland.



There are approximately thirteen blog posts in that sentence alone, but this one is about Ayala, and she’s got swords, so I better get the focus back to her.




I won’t beat around the proverbial bush. Ayala Storme’s four book series has been Amazon exclusive for eBook since it came out, but NO MORE! BHC Press’s Indigo imprint is bringing Ayala to wider distribution (and with a brand new interior book design! SO SHINY!) on 26 June!


You can read the press release here! We decided to keep the covers because Jes Negrón did such a stellar job, but these bad boys will have a gorgeous new look inside! ALSO, I recently wrote a foreword for BHC Press’s release of their first Signature Classic, ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, which you should read because Ayala and Anne have a lot in common (no, seriously).


Mark your calendars for 26 June! Help me say bon voyage to the US with a return to Nashville and Ayala’s story. Plus, there’s butts. Lots of butts. And Nana bunny. You should read this series for Nana, if nothing else. Think of Nana.