The Last 60 Days

It’s not actually “last”, but it is a last.


For those of you who have been around for a while, the news that my partner and I are about to move to Scotland likely won’t come as a surprise. This is something I’ve wanted for fifteen years and something we’ve been planning together since we first moved in together.


For the past couple years, I’ve struggled to blog about anything. I’ve written probably 20 short stories, a number of poems, and several novels in the past few years, but writing anything here that I think anyone would want to read has escaped me. So I was thinking that for the final sixty days of my life here in the US, I’d do something a little different. What, I’m still not sure.


Here’s what my life lately has consisted of:

  1. Making lists. I’ve been making lists of books, inventories of household items, lists of expenses, lists of incoming funds, lists of things that must be done in order, lists of just about anything I can think of. There are so many spinning plates that come with a move of this calibre that I honestly don’t know which way’s up and what gravity will do with those plates sometimes.
  2. Helping my partner with classes. Prereqs for pharmacy school. Which means I’m finally getting a handle on some chemistry stuff that escaped me in high school (moles and molarity, etc.) and learning new things about maths (statistics, mostly).
  3. Prepping for the Ayala Storme relaunch. That happened on 26 June, and if you want to maybe win some books, BHC Press and I are offering a sweepstakes! Get on it.
  4. Trying not to panic. This is taking up an extraordinary amount of headspace. There are so many things on those lists that have to be done at a certain time, involve large sums of money, and absolutely must happen prior to us leaving that well…it’s a lot to handle.
  5. Searching for housing. One of those things that has to happen before we leave but be solidified after the visas but needs to start now–you get the picture.
  6. Trying to have a Plan A-Z in place.


This is all a lot of stuff, most of it with very little wiggle room. On the plus side, it’s happening. We’re doing the thing, and dog willing, two months from right now, we will be home. In Glasgow. With cats in tow.


It’s been a rough few months. I hit something resembling rock bottom in mid-May, got kicked in the shins in mid-June, and spent the past month sort of nursing myself back to some semblance of health. So for the next 60 days, I want to do something that gives me a break, and I think I want to do it here. Might not be every day, but I’m going to try. Might be a story or storIES or snippets of somethings.


Stay tuned. And if you missed the Ayala Storme relaunch, fear not! Links to all the new shiny places you can get the books (including .epub versions now!) can be found here. If you want an exclusive prequel-y short story featuring Mira Gonzalez, check out my Patreon. For a buck a month, you get short stories from yours truly to wet your whistle.


See you tomorrow!

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