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Holy shit, it’s here.

I knew this day would come, and I think deep down I even knew it would arrive before the book release date (less than two months from now!) — but I’m not sure I’ve even quite realized it’s May yet.

It IS May, right?

Well…great gallumphy Zeus balls, my calendar says it’s halfway THROUGH May already.


Today’s the day I get to show you the cover for THE MASKED SONGBIRD!

I’m not going to make you scroll arbitrarily to the bottom of the page. 🙂

Here’s the blurb:

Mildly hapless Edinburgh accountant Gwenllian Maule is surviving. She’s got a boyfriend, a rescued pet bird and a flatmate to share rent. Gwen’s biggest challenges: stretching her last twenty quid until payday and not antagonising her terrifying boss.

Then Gwen mistakenly drinks a mysterious beverage that gives her heightened senses, accelerated healing powers and astonishing strength. All of which come in handy the night she rescues her activist neighbour from a beat-down by political thugs.

Now Gwen must figure out what else the serum has done to her body, who else is interested and how her boss is involved. Finally—and most mysteriously—she must uncover how this whole debacle is connected to the looming referendum on Scottish independence.

Gwen’s hunt for answers will test her superpowers and endanger her family, her friends—even her country.

THE MASKED SONGBIRD will be released July 1 as part of Harlequin E’s second paranormal and urban fantasy box set! You get four great books for a pretty badass price.

And here’s the cover! If you want to be awesome, you can head over to Amazon and preorder the box set there!

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Author | Emmie Comments | 14 Date | 14/05/2014


Lyra Selene

WOOOOOOO! Looks great!

14/05/2014 | 11:02


    Thanks, Lyra!

    14/05/2014 | 11:11

Anna Loy (@ruanna3)

Lovely, Emmie! You must be over the moon. <3

14/05/2014 | 11:17


    I’m so excited!

    14/05/2014 | 11:18

Leslie Fulton

Love it, Emmie! Congratulations!

14/05/2014 | 11:21


    Thank you, Leslie!

    14/05/2014 | 11:21


Fantastic! Soooo happy for you!

14/05/2014 | 15:11


    Thank you, Nikki!

    14/05/2014 | 15:12


Congrats!!! Cover looks awesome. 🙂

14/05/2014 | 19:58


    Thank you, Sam!

    14/05/2014 | 23:31


Love it. Congrats, Emmie.

15/05/2014 | 14:13


    Thanks, Emma!

    15/05/2014 | 14:17


Congrats, Emmie!!! 🙂

15/05/2014 | 16:40


    Thank you!!!

    15/05/2014 | 22:32

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