The Possibility of ESP

The Possibility of ESP


Hi, Emmie! I can’t believe it’s been a 1.5 years since we met at WDC 12. Thanks for letting me post on your blog today. I really appreciate the support!

I tend to believe in the unbelievables. I think there could be ghosts. I’m not willing to rule out that time travel can happen. I think people can have psychic abilities. I’ve had people give me alarmingly accurate readings. The world is so much cooler if you allow for the possibility.

I’ve never met anyone who was telepathic, but I wanted to capture what their reality would be. So I approached it the same way I do everything. I researched it.

I read books on how ESP worked. Or at least how different people believe they worked. I read books on witchcraft. I taught myself how to meditate. I attended workshops with Salem witches. I learned how others view ESP. I wanted to find a way to make telepathy seem not just possible but plausible.

All my research made me more aware of the inexplicables. All those random things that happen and make zero sense. Like when you get a feeling to do something. No rational explanation, but your gut is pushing you to do it.

A few months back, I wanted to go see my grandma. No particular reason, but I kept suggesting it to my mom. We had lots of errands to run and she said we’d stop by later. I can’t explain why I wanted to drop by or what propelled me to harp on it like I did. But later we found out my grandma had been feeling ill and would have appreciated the company.

Another time, I was playing a game of Cranium with friends. When asked a question, an answer popped into my head. I felt absolutely certain it was correct. But when I tried to explain the logical basis for my answer, there wasn’t one. I had no knowledge of the topic. Nothing concrete to sway my teammates to agree with me. So I let them give a different answer. Weird enough, I was right.

I knew someone who dreamed her grandfather died. When she woke up the next morning, her mom told her he had passed away in his sleep during the night. She had dreamt of his passing as it was happening.

I had a friend who had sinus problems. He told me he knew he had cancer. He couldn’t explain how. But he was certain. And he was right. Doctors soon found a tumor in his sinuses. A year later the cancer took him from me.

There are moments where we get a flash of insight or a feeling about something. I don’t know where it comes from or how it comes to us. I cannot explain it. But I do believe in intuition and going with your gut.

Thanks so much to Kourtney for coming by today! I’ve always been a want-to-believer as well. Awesome post!

Kourtney Heintz, Six Train to Wisconsin, author, headshot, photo, author photoAuthor Bio:

Kourtney Heintz writes emotionally evocative speculative fiction that captures the deepest truths of being human. For her characters, love is a journey never a destination.

She resides in Connecticut with her warrior lapdog, Emerson, her supportive parents and three quirky golden retrievers. Years of working on Wall Street provided the perfect backdrop for her imagination to run amuck at night, imagining a world where out-of-control telepathy and buried secrets collide.

Her debut novel, The Six Train to Wisconsin, was a 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Semifinalist.


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The Six Train to Wisconsin Back Cover:

Sometimes saving the person you love can cost you everything.

There is one person that ties Oliver Richter to this world: his wife Kai. For Kai, Oliver is the keeper of her secrets.

When her telepathy spirals out of control and inundates her mind with the thoughts and emotions of everyone within a half-mile radius, the life they built together in Manhattan is threatened.

To save her, Oliver brings her to the hometown he abandoned—Butternut, Wisconsin—where the secrets of his past remain buried. But the past has a way of refusing to stay dead. Can Kai save Oliver before his secrets claim their future?

An emotionally powerful debut, The Six Train to Wisconsin pushes the bounds of love as it explores devotion, forgiveness and acceptance.

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4 thoughts on “The Possibility of ESP”

  1. I have a wonderfully simple answer for you to get an incredible view into how telepathy and most every other inexplicable ESP phenomena is plausible. Read “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot (it is sitting right next to me on the table, coincidentally. It explains through physics how our reality has been constructed and the many side effects of that structure. And you want to know how it got to be structured this way? Next, read “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton. It is a summary of the case studies of 7,000 hypnotherapy subjects who discussed their experiences BETWEEN lives, including many discussions about how and why our lives and world work the way they do. The two books together are a wonderful foundation for a logic-based understanding of the spirit world. However, because a logic-based approach will only get you so far, meditation is the key to experiencing our world as it truly is. But you can’t fully teach yourself mediation as you say. You can learn the theory, but you need a meditation instructor to help you navigate the cobwebs of your mind. Find the closest Shambhala center and take classes there as I have been doing for nearly 2 years now. In the last two years, I have gone from confused/denial about the spirit world to basically feeling comfortable with seeing how it all fits together through those books and classes. Hope that helps!
    Rob C

    1. Thanks Rob. These sound like great resources to explore. 🙂 I think it depends on the type of meditation. I learned to meditate from Laurie’s books and her meditation tapes. But I’ve always been a great book learner. I practiced daily for two years. I also went to her workshops where she walked us through meditations. I found her method clicked with me. Glad you found a way that works for you! 🙂

  2. I am so late to comment on this, but I’ve only just realized I wasn’t getting email notifications anymore for Emmie’s blog! It’s been so interesting to follow these guest appearances, Kourtney, and to learn more about everything that went into The Six Train to Wisconsin. And I’m so happy to see the great reviews that are appearing because the book really is that good!

  3. No worries. All comments are appreciated at any time. 🙂 Yeah, I have a similar issue. Thank you! I tried to share something different on each blog and tailor it to the blog themes and preferences. Thanks. Really delighted that readers have taken the time to leave reviews. Aw, now I’m blushing. 🙂

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