There Are Sharks in the Water, and You Smell of Blood (V)

You can catch up with this story by reading Part I, Part IIPart III, and Part IV.


Dear Evermyn,

We heard there were some postal delays due to the storms along the coast, so when you didn’t arrive for midsummer’s night, we attributed your absence to simply not receiving the invitation in time, but as we have not heard from you and first harvest is upon us, Drake is very worried.

You are more than capable of surviving a summer storm, but Drake would sleep better if you would write to assure him that you are well.


Samwell Park


Dear Evermyn,

Drake has insisted upon dispatching one of the women in his employ to seek you out in Silvanfall. If this letter reaches you before Anlyn does, please send word by express of your well-being.

This is the longest you’ve gone without writing me in several years. The last time you had simply wandered into the forests of Sallan, so I hope that this silence is due to a paper shortage or a jaunt on a fishing boat or some other such past-time in the name of research–[illegible scrawl, paw print in ink]

Forgive the smudges when you read this. Sootly jumped onto my writing desk and stepped in the ink. His paw pads now match the rest of him.

There’s a hush about the place. It reminds me of East Valyn years ago. I’m sorry to bring it up, as I know you hate the subject, but there is no other comparison.

Please put my husband’s nerves to rest, Evermyn, however engrossed in your studies you are. I refuse to believe anything befell you.

Yours, etc.

Samwell Park


Dear Evermyn,

Anlyn returned late yesterday evening with news that she visited your boarding house and that the letting-lady informed her that you had paid up till midwinter and left some weeks ago for an undisclosed errand.

It’s just like you to think only of yourself and not those who would notice your absence. Drake had half-convinced himself that you were dead.

Remember our promise. Everyone thought I would be the one to break it, but you are treading ever closer to it yourself.

Damn it, Evermyn Thedan, if my husband’s nerves fray anymore on your account, you will never hear the end of it. I am keeping the promise.

Samwell Park


Note from Vanhelm University: These documents were found in three separate archives throughout the university. The Antiquities Department has not as yet been able to attribute a reason to their placement.

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