There Are Sharks in the Water, and You Smell of Blood (VI)

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Dear Mssrs Park,

Evermyn bid me write to you and provide assurances of her safety and well-being. She says that she will write to you before autumn evenlight.

Yours respectfully,

Faras Harovem


Note from Draketown University: Professor Mbuku Sanworth found the following slip of paper at the bottom of a large crate that contained the letter from Faras Harovem above. Prof. Sanworth posits that they should be read together.


Mssrs Park,

I apologis [sic] for the curt tone of my earlier message. Evermyn was dictating and in a rush, but I feared to leave it at that.

Please be assured that she is indeed safe and well. Her studies of the sun-glass have consumed her like a fever, and she believes she is very near to understanding something vital as to the instrument’s nature. Please do not take her silence or short words as an affront; she hardly has a “good morning” for me and instead begins each day launching into her revised hypotheses and adjusted plans for the day.

I hope to convince her to call upon you both for the longest night. I think it would do her good to step away for a week or two, but [illegible scrawl]

Forgive me. It is half past midnight and she knocked on my door to show me a mathematical proof. I begin to fear that she will not sleep before the new year dawns.

I will do what I can to convince her to take a reprieve and spend it with the two of you.


Faras Harovem

Note from Draketown University: The following letters were compiled from archives in Draketown. Faras Harovem has little public record, only his dates of birth and death, limited to years. (b. 5795, d. 5820) Nothing else has as yet been found regarding his life or correspondence. No other correspondence from him exists in the Draketown archives.

Mssrs Park,

I woke this morning to find that Evermyn had rushed off to the capital and left only a note with the letting lady for me. She bid me stay and await her return, but with her in such a state of obsession I do not think it wise to leave her be. She is very distractable [sic] and I have a taxi coming to take me to the transport station as I write this.


Faras Harovem


Dearest Drake and Samwell,

I must sincerely apologise for my long silence and lack of attentions to you. Time sometimes escapes me, as well you both know.

The university in Vanhelm has one of the most extensive collections of relevant texts in the commonwealth, and when I realised that I had seen a reference to–well, I will not bore either of you with it. Suffice it to say that I could not spare an instant and left within fifteen minutes in order to catch the earliest train to Vanhelm that day.

Faras tells me that I have caused you (Drake, I suspect–I am quite sorry, my love) severe distress, and for that I am sorry.

I forget myself at times, especially forgetting that the seasons turn more slowly for you. Time is, after all, relative, is it not?

I would be most delighted to share midwinter holidays with you, and I have made arrangements for some few deliveries that I hope will delight the children when they arrive for their visit.

Yours affectionately,

Evermyn Thedan


Mssrs Park,

I trust you received Evermyn’s letter at long last. She has returned to Silvanfall and I am to join her shortly after ensuring some few things are investigated here with regards to an enquiry Evermyn received last week about the sun-glass.

I will update you as I am able.


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