When Change Won’t Come Easy


I’ve talked a bit about my food issues lately. I’ve also been ill for most of May. On top of that, my body has been doing some things I really don’t like. Strange pains, weight gain, lots of headaches, fatigue, and some other symptoms that I’m not going to mention because TMI.

I haven’t been treating myself well. In my stress, I’ve had to use most of my willpower and mental bandwidth to just keep swimming, which hasn’t left anything for self-care.

Since I would really like my body to, you know, keep existing and working correctly, I’m going to make a change. And I’m going to tell you all about it to sort of keep myself accountable. My friend Angie and I are going to tweet things under the hashtag #WholeSelf to sort of encourage one another.

I picked that in spite of its crunchy-soundingness, but really it’s about helping myself cope with stress and find some sort of balance. My first big thing is going to be my diet, because it’s been at Mach 129213 level of badness this year so far. It’s spring, there are fresh fruits and veggies to be had, and it’s time I let my body see something that wasn’t made by a megacorporation and sold in value meal style.

If you want to join in, please feel welcome and free to do so. You can do whatever it is you want. Maybe you want to spend more time writing, reading, swimming, sleeping. (Hey, sleep is legit hard for some of us!)

For me, I’m going to be bidding added sugar a goodbye for at least two weeks and structuring my diet around whole foods as much as possible. Not so much in the sense of a cleanse, but more because I owe my body some good food that isn’t found in the GIF at the top of this post. I also want to spend more time in the woods. It’s shady and quiet there, and trees make me feel peaceful.

So! If you want to join in, chime in with what you want to do for your #WholeSelf in the comments or share it on Twitter on the hashtag. We all deserve to feel good, and I think this year’s been rough on a lot of us — or at least a raging rollercoaster. Here’s to finding some balance. And some watermelon, cos that shit’s almost in season and om nom nom.

Love and watermelons,


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5 thoughts on “When Change Won’t Come Easy”

  1. Considering how well my family did over the last year, I’ve hit a plateau and am determined to to get back to it, this summer… So, watermelon, yes! Lots of salads and good body stuff, and exercise…I’ll join you! And you can do it, Emmie!

    1. Likewise! I was doing really well last summer and then…well. Everything hit the fan and by winter my willpower was nil.

      We can do it!

  2. I could do with a bit less added sugar myself…just as soon as I finish off this bag of Chewy Lemonhead I picked up at the airport for an exorbitant price. You can totally do this.

    As a goal for me, I need to spend more time on my writing. I have first drafts of a novel and several short stories and my progress with climbing the learning curve to produce something worth someone else’s time to read has been slower than something really slow.

    1. Good goals!

      This summer I’ll be getting back to my writing. Mostly I needed a break and some work/life balance…which I’m still trying to find.

  3. I’ve already cut out a lot of sugar and I’m eating healthy organic foods but I’m of an age where I need to exercise so my bones and muscles stay strong. I also want to incorporate some mindful meditation and other positivity promoting techniques.

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