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photo of author emmie mears standing in a calm burn in a burgundy velvet sheath dress and a beaten gold collar, hair loose in curls over their shoulder and bare arm reaching up to touch an overhanging branch as they hold their skirt out of the water with their other hand

Photo by Max Crawford Photography, 2021

Emmie Mears is a Scottish-American fantasy author based in Glasgow, where they write and edit the gamut of speculative fiction and collect names like the fae. A fluent Gaelic speaker and an award-winning Gaelic singer both chorally and solo, Emmie writes and publishes bilingually in both English and Gaelic. With over fifteen novels published, Emmie has been long-listed for Hugo award for their work as M. Evan MacGriogair, and as Emmie Mears has been a Rone award finalist for Look to the Sun. They live in historically Gaelic Partick with their two purrfect cats.