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Waves ripple outward from the Northlands…

Where once water was scarce, it now springs from the ground, traversing over land to the sea in the west.

Several moons after the breaking of the stone, life is finding new balance in the Northlands. Carin has made her home in Lahivar with Ryd and Sart, and there they watch in awe as the new river reshapes the very surface of the land around them.

But far to the west, the wave of magic wrought by Carin snapping the first stone traveled fast and crashed into a whole new world—a bigger world, and one full of many kinds of power. A woman bereft of name and love. Another carrying the grief of an island on her shoulders. A herald. A seeker. A forgotten history.

There is a moment at the exact instant the receding waters along the shores of the earth meet the force of the moons above and change direction. The sound races around the globe with the rush of a new kind of waves.

The tide is turning, and it brings change to every land and people.